Simple Encouargement

Simple Encouargement

Sometimes all you need is some simple encouragement.  Somebody to tell you how important you are.  Somebody to lift your spirits.  Well, here is my attempt to do that for you.  Read this as many times as you would like.  Speak this over your life.  Encourage yourself!

Do you know that the God who created the heavens and earth and raised the dead is madly in love with you.  God is for you.  God knew you before you were born and knew everything you did and are going to do, good and bad, yet He still loves you so much He died for you.  Nothing can separate you from that love.  God created you and breathed life into you.  You are valuable!  You are created to do good things for you are God’s workmanship.  You are free.  Free from the bondage of sin and death.  You are free to live the life God intended you to live.  You can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you.  You have the mind of Christ.  You can think clearly.  You have a peace that passes all understanding.  As somebody who has given their life over to Christ, you have the God of the universe living inside of you and greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.  You have been forgiven.  You no longer have to live a life feeling defeated by sin.  The devil has to flee from you when you resist him.  You do not have to be afraid because God has given you a spirit of power, love and sound mind.  It is not you who lives, but it is Christ who lives in you!

Now that’s how to live an encouraged life!

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